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 endicott, pyxis j.

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Pyxis Endicott
Pyxis Endicott
25 - Housekeeping - Molly
25 - Housekeeping - Molly

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PostSubject: endicott, pyxis j.   endicott, pyxis j. EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 6:18 am

endicott, pyxis j,

FULL NAME: pyxis jupiter endicott


AGE: twenty-five

HOMETOWN: pulchra aurora

JOB: housekeeping

MEMBER GROUP: aquarius


PLAYBY: carey mulligan

the kidnapping...
pyxis sniffled and looked desperately through the crowd, her sniffs soon turning into sobs. the three year old had been forgotten by her family, lost amongst the people whilst she had paused to look at some kittens in a store window. "mummy! daddy!" she cried as sobs shook her body, her eyes desperately scouring the immediate area for her lost parents. people looked at her with sympathy and irritation, before they continued on their paths. a few stopped a moment to stare at her, before they would then proceed to just walk away from the screaming, sobbing child. and what better thing for a predator than a lost child in the midst of a shopping centre that would be soothed by two words, and two words only. a tall, dark stranger moved through the shopping centre towards the screams, a vindictive smirk on his face before his look became soft and gently, slightly panicked. the relief was clear on his face when he finally laid eyes on the blonde haired toddler, lost in the crowd. she waved her arms around, screaming and sobbing before pyxis collapsed on the ground and hugged herself as she sobbed endlessly. she didn't notice the stranger until she felt hands on her, and immediately she looked up. her tears blurred her vision, but she saw dark hair and immediately believed it to be her daddy - which would be the young girl's downfall.

he scooped her up into his arms, one hand on her back, the other supporting her weight as he held her to him. she wrapped her arms around him, her screams dying down to a gentle sob as her hands fisted the material of his shirt desperately. she let her eyes shut and her head rested against his shoulder, now only sniffling lightly. "shh, daddy's here," he soothed her, the hand on her back rubbing up and down as he began to move through the crowd. at the sniffly child, many people glanced over but any suspicion they may have held by his constant, "daddy's here," which was spoken to the little blonde who just wanted to go home. his footsteps were slow, casual, obviously an expert in the art of looking like he was exactly where he belonged, though he remained alert. pyxis noticed none of this, as her mind was only filled with happiness that she was in her 'daddy's arms. being a toddler, her suspicion was small and she didn't bother to open her eyes as she felt the man's body sway as he walked. she nestled in against him, letting out deep breaths as she calmed herself down enough to stop sniffling. she reached up one of her hands and wiped at her eyes, content.

by the time they'd reached the car, pyxis knew something was wrong. something just didn't... feel right. why was her daddy taking her to the car? they were going to get lunch at the shopping centre! that's what her mummy had said! she opened her eyes and leant back, horror on her face as she saw the man was not her daddy. she didn't want this man to be holding her, he told lies! daddy said it was bad to tell lies, but he said he was her daddy and he wasn't! she looked at his shirt for confirmation and frowned. she'd helped her real daddy pick out a pink shirt and he'd worn it for her amusement, but he was wearing a blue shirt. "LET ME GO!" she shrieked, wriggling around in his arms and almost falling out of them due to him being startled by her sudden outburst. she screamed at the top of her lungs before she bit down hard on his shoulder. "ouch! you little bitch!" he muttered, before both of their eyes landed on a group of people. pyxis felt her features split with a grin and she squirmed, reaching out for her real daddy. their eyes all fell on her and they looked relieved, then panicked, whilst her twin waved enthusiastically. "pyxis!" her daddy yelled angrily, running for her. she grinned brightly, before screaming as she saw her daddy getting further away as the man holding her ran. "daddy! daddy help! DADDY! mummy!" she sobbed as her mother started running too, their other children all being ushered to the side by aunty jupiter who had her phone out.

pyxis didn't know many things, but she knew that she was very scared. she didn't want this man to be holding her, she wanted him to let GO. she wanted to have her mummy and daddy hugging her again! "MUMMY DADDY!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. by now, other people had started to look. "stop him! he's got out daughter!" her mother cried as tears streamed down her face. pyxis screamed and reached out for her parents. people began to join in the chase, but then something happened that pyxis couldn't comprehend. the man shifted her weight to his left arm and pulled out something black with his right arm that shot out things that made people scream and jump down to the ground. her daddy stopped and swung an arm out to stop her mummy. pyxis didn't understand why they stopped, at the same time she felt something against her head. the weird black thing was pressed against the side of her head, and the man was walking now, saying he'd pull the 'trigger' if they tried to get her back. her mother sobbed hysterically, clinging to her father. pyxis screamed and sobbed as she was shoved into a car, and then the car sped away and she knew she wouldn't see her mummy and daddy anytime soon.

the games...
it was all some sick competition in this bastards mind. the thirteen year old knew that much, and was wise beyond her years with an amazing tolerance for pain, starvation and dehydration. she cursed that damned author for creating that stupid series of books, 'the hunger games', as this arena, everything around her was inspired by the games. she breathed heavily and wondered for the millionth time how fucking rich this guy was, her kidnapper. the last survivor she knew would be let free of him, that was his reward. she knew his words to be truth, as he was already training other kidnapped children to take their place. stupid, sick son of a bitch he was. she could still remember that day, despite how young she could be. she could remember screaming and calling for her mother, and in her dreams the bullets pierced her parents. she squeezed her eyes shut and stopped the tears before they even had the chance to slide down her cheeks. she opened her eyes once more and her face was completely void of emotion. she wouldn't let such trivial, ridiculous things as emotions get in her way now. in fact, the only emotion that was a constant was not fear, not sadness, not depression, not longing, not loss, but anger. it was built into her system, as that was how he'd trained them. he'd trained them to be angry, and when someone attempted to kill them that anger would be set loose and they'd turn into barbarians, not teaming up with one another to take him down. no, they wanted to be free. they were all selfish, angry people.

pyxis wished she could say that she was special, that she had self-control, that she didn't just loose it when she saw one of the others. she wanted to say that she was the one that had suggested they team up together, but she wasn't. she was the one, hiding up in her tree, concealed from all angles but able to see through cracks in the leaves, her bow and arrow at hand, ready for her to easily shoot someone. her eyes landed on a red head, and she waited until they moved into complete view. a girl with wild, curly red hair and sparkling green eyes looked straight up at pyxis and gave a wave. pyxis let her guard down and slung her bow over her shoulder, throwing the rope down for alice to grab. the girl swiftly grabbed the rope and pulled herself up, feet moving up the tree. pyxis lined up her arrow in her bow and pulled the string tight, ready to release in case someone came whilst alice was climbing up. she felt the branch shake lightly and then the rope was pulled up and pyxis motioned to the hole they'd make in the tree. the tree was solid everywhere but here, where they'd made a nice little area for the two of them to squeeze into to sleep. alice moved past her and dropped her loot of food in, and pyxis grinned. neither of them ever discussed what would happen when the two of them were the last ones left. pyxis wasn't sure if she'd have it in her to kill alice.

"i almost got myself killed getting that bread, so you better grovel at my feet," alice had been the last one to be captured at the age of 8, meaning that she had humor and knew of things the others did not. after training sessions, they'd often crowd around alice and ask her questions about the outside world, what it was like having parents. it took a moment, but pyxis soon acknowledged alice's words as a joke. she smiled briefly, and then she laughed as the joke clicked in her head, but she sobered up as she thought about it. "how did you get BREAD? you didn't - did you? alice! you could've died!" pyxis hissed. everyone knew it was risky going near james, bella and aaron, who were the most skilled in fighting. alice had her stealth, pyxis had her archery skills, but neither were very good with a sword or anything like that. heck, they both just hid and were hoping the others would kill each other off. alice rolled her eyes and slid into the hole. "i didn't, okay? let's just drop it." alice knew that pyxis would pick a fight if she continued the conversation.

it was one of pyxis' traits that she wasn't to proud of. she liked to pick fights with people, cause problems, and she was far angrier than the others had ever been. she sighed and nodded her head, leaning back against the tree and staring around. alice and herself sat in silence, munching on some berries for a few minutes before pyxis was given a brilliant opportunity. james, bella and aaron walked into their clearing, eyes narrowed and their bodies tense as they stared around for any incoming attack. pyxis lined up her arrow and looked back at alice, whose jaw had dropped. she immediately got out her own bow - pyxis and her were okay at crafting and had made their own - and they both lined up. pyxis nodded her head at james, signalling she would clean him off, and she watched as alice lined up aaron. take out the boys, then the girl would be easy. neither of them knew that bella had a gun. pyxis softly whispered 'one, two, three' as the trio stopped and looked around suspiciously. the arrows soared through the air, pyxis' sliding straight into james' chest, killing him immediately, whereas alice's hit aaron's stomach and caused him to double over in agony. alice cheered as pyxis lined up for bella, and just as she released she saw the gun. the shot fired through the air. bella fell back dead. they both looked back and saw the bullet, lodged in the tree. it had narrowly missed alice's head.

the only friend...
pyxis giggled at alice's joke and shook her head. they'd moved several tree's and were now in a large willow. the branches weren't very strong, but luckily for the girls they were as light as a feather. the trunk being so large made it more roomy and they were very happy to sleep in the trunk. they knew there was only the two of them and one other boy left. he was as stealthy and quiet as they were, but was the reason the two others had died prior to alice and pyxis' murder of the trio. pyxis leant against alice and wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. she knew it wasn't safe to laugh, but heck she was so deliriously tired. she hadn't been able to sleep, knowing that harvey was coming for them. she choked on her laughter and forced herself to stop as the girls hugged one another tightly. they knew it was coming. once they'd finished off harvey, the time would come to kill the other. pyxis didn't know if she could do it. couldn't they just team up and say they refused? but that sick motherfucking bastard wouldn't accept that. it had been two years that they'd lived in the arena, and the girls were now 15 years old. she sighed and her head fell against alice's shoulder. she was glad to have this one friend, as she was sure she would've not only died, but she would've been completely insane.

alice was her sanity. the silence that had fallen around them after their laughter was broken by a twig snapping. immediately, they both had their bows out and their arrows lined up, looking around for harvey. obviously, he knew they were alerted to his presence and very casually pushed the leaves away. he pushed his shaggy locks of golden hair away from his face, revealing his innocent features. she knew it was his biggest deceitful feature, as though he was only nine years old he was far more intelligent than any of them. he looked frightened as tears welled up in his eyes, and he called out, "do it then! please just get it over with... i'm sorry! i never wanted to kill either of you, i just - i want to go home. my sister angela, i promised her i'd find her when they took me away. i'm sorry!" he sobbed, but his biggest fault was that he'd forgotten pyxis knew he'd been taken right after birth. alice lowered her bow and looked at pyxis, whose expression was hard. the lying little shit, he'd kill them while they slept if they trusted him. alice gasped and cried, "pyxis, no!" but pyxis had already released the arrows. it wouldn't've made a difference either way. a look of surprise registered on harvey's face as he stumbled backwards, hands gripping the arrow. he ripped it out of his chest and touched the blood.

tears rained down his cheeks as alice drew a weapon pyxis had made herself. she jumped down form the tree and ran to harvey. "i'm making the pain go away, okay?" she whispered, placing the dagger against his temple. he smiled at her weakly as his legs wobbled. "thank you, thank you." he gasped. alice grit her teeth and sank the dagger into his temple. he gasped, and then died almost immediately. alice climbed back up the tree in silence after spending an hour burying harvey, whilst pyxis watched in silence and absently made another arrow. alice then swooped out and pushed pyxis off the weak branch. the branch snapped when pyxis grabbed it, the sudden thrust of weight added to alice's. they both landed on the ground and pyxis forced herself up, shock on her face. "what the fuck, alice? he was lying you stupid bitch!" pyxis growled, standing up. her mode suddenly switched, and she was in full murder mode. she grabbed her bow and arrow and whirled around, her back against the tree. she lost who she was as she prepared herself to kill alice. she pulled out the string and lodged her arrow in place, before she whipped around and released a shot.

alice had already rolled by the time the arrow was released and she let out a shriek of terror. she dropped her knife to the ground and grabbed her bow off her shoulder, throwing it away. she held her hands up in surrender. "no, pyxis don't go all murder on me. i'm your friend, friend! please, we can stand up to him pyx! we can live together, we can! don't you dare!" alice's eyes narrowed in on pyxis' as she pointed her arrow at her. pyxis eyes were void of emotion. she was in attack mode. she released the arrow, but alice had seen the signs, predicted them. she knew pyxis so well, she knew her every movement. pyxis grit her teeth, only spurred on by alice's avoiding of her attacks. alice grabbed her bow and set off a shot at the speed of light. pyxis spread her legs and it shot underneath her. a fierce battle they had, pyxis to kill, alice to harm so that she could calm her best friend down. "pyxis." alice said softly. no other words were spoken for the next half an hour, until pyxis' shot hit alice straight in the leg. she fell over and began to scramble backwards despite the pain that pyxis knew she would be in. and then, pyxis stomped her foot down on alice's stomach and aimed her arrow straight at alice's forehead. "don't do it. i love you, pyx." she sobbed.

pyxis' eyes widened as she realised what she'd been about to do and she lowered the arrow. quickly, alice drew her dagger and aimed it at her own leg to cut a spike off in the arrow. it was on of the flawed ones. mis-reading her actions, pyxis swiftly shot the arrow at alice's neck. alice gasp as the arrow soared straight through. as she gagged, a few words slipped out that were hard to understand, but pyxis understood. "it's not your fault." pyxis collapsed by alice's side and held her dying friend in her arms, sobbing hysterically. alice was dying slowly, and not wanting her to suffer pyxis pulled out the arrow and stabbed it right through her chest, piercing her heart. "i love you too." she whispered. alice nodded her head, and then her eyes glazed over and she was dead. pyxis shed no more tears after her sobs and buried her friend underneath the willow tree, decorating her grave with flowers. and after that, it took ten years for pyxis to be able to re-enter society as a semi-normal person.


fourteen. australia. GMT +9:30. linwë carnesîr. liam holmes. desdemona ambrose. andromeda endicott. louise collins.

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Molly... Wow... Watch yourself honey, you are too good. Honestly! Wow... So tuching and amazing. This is tha shiz! Thou art too awesome for words! The way the profile is written, the heartache at Alice. Beautiful! And I think you'd fit perfectly as an Aquarius!

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endicott, pyxis j.

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