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 endicott, andromeda e.

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Andromeda Endicott
Andromeda Endicott
25 - Cashier - Molly
25 - Cashier - Molly

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PostSubject: endicott, andromeda e.   Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:56 am

endicott, andromeda e,

FULL NAME: andromeda elladora endicott

NICKNAMES: andy, ann, meda, mia

AGE: twenty-five

HOMETOWN: pulchra aurora

JOB: cashier


ACTIVITY CLAIM: applejack ranch country club

PLAYBY: zooey deschanel

"ALL EYES ON ME IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING JUST LIKE A CIRCIUS!" andy sung at the top of her lungs as she danced around her bedroom. her laughter could be heard a few houses down as she jumped onto her bed and bounced around. young and full of life was one way to describe the girl. childish was a more common term used to describe her. but what did she care? she was young, wild and free! she could do what she want, she had her whole life ahead of her, and she was damn well going to live it to the fullest! and right now, she felt like dancing and singing, so she did just that. she rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up onto all fours, crawling in what could be perceived as a sexy way towards one of her teddy bears. "don't stand there watching me, FOLLOW me, show me what you can do," she sung to the teddy in a low, husky voice before bursting into a fit of giggles and grabbing the teddy. she jumped up off of her bed and begun to dance around, shaking and waving her teddy around as she wiggled her arse. "just like a circus, uh HUH!" she ended with one hand in the air, the other on her hip - teddy discarded on the ground, naturally - and her head down in a very effective pose. she heard a snort of laughter from the doorway and andy looked up to see her sister staring at her with an expression that showed no surprise whatsoever, for to stumble upon andy dancing and singing was something normal. to stumble upon andy doing anything weird or out-there was normal. she often broke into song in the middle of the streets, but huffed and expressed her dis-pleasure when no one else joined in normally with a line such as, "well this musical sucks!" which amused her more than anyone else.

"cookie!" she squealed, running at the 23 year old and tackling her to the ground in a hug. cordelia lightly shoved at andy's shoulders in a vain attempt to shove off her sister. despite her small stature, andy was suprisingly strong though she claimed that was only through growing up with 4 older brothers. cordelia being the eldest had never had to battle it out with her brothers, nor did she give them the time of the day. and never had cordelia ever played soccer, football, or even baseball with her brothers. she blatantly ignored them really, only ever paying attention to andy - who to her dismay preferred to get muddy and rough with her brothers than have her make-up done and go on shopping spree's with her sister. but andy knew cordelia loved her anyway. "mia," cordelia began in a patient tone that andy knew well. she rolled off her sister and groaned, standing up. she put both hands on her hips and made herself look like some stupid high-school cheerleader with a pompous look on her face - a poor representation of the lovely cordelia. she only did it to rile up her sister, one of her favourite past-times. "miiaaa," she spoke in a screechy voice. "you know i hate being called cookie, at least call me cor-day or lia!" she continued in the same tone, making cordelia cringe and frown at andy. "andromeda don't you be like that with me! i was never some pathetic diva in high school, and i'm not one now!" she protested in a highly offended tone. andy grinned lop-sidedly at bounded back over to her bed, flopping down on it. "i know!" she said in a sing-song voice. cordelia raised her eyebrows at andy, before she sighed and andy watched as her gorgeous sister sat down beside her. that was when andy noticed the bag in her hand, and by the label (sports world) she knew it must be for her. she squealed, reaching over for the bag greedily. cordelia jumped up and held the bag out of arm's reach. "oh no you don't! you have to do something for me to get this!" she exclaimed.

andy's eyes narrowed in on her sister and she sat back, contemplative. all of the fun, crazy andy vanished as she became serious. she could tell by the look in cordelia's eyes despite her playful mannerisms that she meant business. andy raised an eyebrow and waved her hand for cordelia to proceed. andy relaxed back against her pillows and crossed her feet over one another as she waited for cordelia to spit it out. finally, after a bit of pacing - something that both cordelia and andy did when they were feeling sheepish, shy, embarrassed or nervous - cordelia stopped and looked at andy with a huge smile. "i'm engaged!" she exclaimed. andy stared at cordelia for a few moments, the information sinking in and andy immediately became protective of her sister - a trait she'd picked up from her brothers that had often come from them being protective over her. not that they needed to protect her from anyone other than themselves and their rough versions of football and soccer. "what does he do for a living? is he hot? does he have any abusive tendencies? where's he from? has he ever gotten a girl pregnant out of wedlock? is this his first marriage?" she bombarded cordelia, who rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. she knew by now that andy was a stubborn prick when it came to many things, and it was best to just humor her and answer her questions rather than receive the silent treatment until her questions were answered, or get venomous glares and know that andy was plotting her demise.

"he's a surgeon, yes, no he's a sweet-heart, he's from thousand oaks in california, no, and yes this is his first marriage. he also buys me flowers once a week and has them sent into my work, and is an absolute angel." cordelia said in an exasperated tone. andy looked contemplative for a few more seconds, before a huge grin split her face and she hugged cordelia tightly. "cookie this is great news! i'm so happy! ohmygosh, i'm so happy! happy happy happy! this is great! when's the wedding? am i invited? gasp! i'm not invited am i? how could you, cookie?! i'd invite you to my wedding!" andy began to ramble in true andy fashion as she frowned up at cordelia, who laughed and ruffled her sister's hair affectionately. "hush, mia. you're the first person to find out, and you're going to be my maid of honor. but, the favor i wanted to ask you is - would you mind painting the wedding photograph of us after the wedding? i'll give you the picture, but he agreed that having a painting would look way better, and i showed him your paintings and he definitely wants you to paint us." cordelia beamed, before something struck andy and she pushed her sister away from her with a huff. "cordelia, how come i haven't met or even HEARD of this chap before now?" she asked in a snappy tone. cordelia's eyes darkened and she looked away from andy. "i haven't seen you for 2 months, andy. you refuse to come to any family meetings, don't you think your grude against mum has gone on long enough? she didn't mean to, alright? yes, i know that you loved brutus with all of your heart, but he ran in front of mum, mum didn't purposely run him over. and frankly? i was upset that you were treating mum like this, so i didn't bother to call. we've both been busy anyway. i'm sorry, but please will you do this favour for me?" she asked softly. andy felt her eyes water at the mention of her labrador, and she sniffled. her hands wiped furiously at her eyes, but at the thought of being able to paint her gorgeous sister was so exciting that she couldn't refuse. she knew she was stubborn as a mule and should speak to her mother, so she grinned up at her sister. "firstly, i'll call mum this afternoon, alright? secondly, of course i'll paint you! i'm so honoured!" andy and cordelia both squealed and hugged each other afterwards.

a little more description for our darling andromeda elladora endicott

from the viewpoint of moi, andy is insane. crazy, out-there, just plain insane. but in a good way, she's like fun-crazy. she's a part animal, loves to hang out with her close friends and get tipsy, she'll stay up all night playing video games, board games, any sort of game! she loves to just have fun, and she thinks that if people weren't so serious life would be a little more fun. the only time you really see andy serious is in situations were fun loving andy isn't wanted, when she's painting or when she's in a bad mood. sometimes she's even serious when plotting someone's demise, which is rare. yes, you read that right, andy doesn't like to be messed with or annoyed, and she will blackmail, hurt, and torture (not in a holy-crap-you-need-to-go-to-jail way) until she gets exactly what she wants. despite how fun she is, she's actually very intelligent. in philosophical discussions, she often surprises people with the gravity with which she speaks of that she is passionate about. she's devious, cunning, playful, energetic, and passionate about lots of things. she's also very, very stubborn. once she makes up her mind, it's very hard to persuade her to change it, though not impossible (good luck though!). she does annoy a lot of people though and has her fair share of enemies, simply because her views on life just don't work with certain people, and her constant bubbly persona can frustrate some. though, most of her friends adore her for it because she's awesome at cheering people up. she's also got amazing advice that's normally along the same lines - don't worry, be happy! basically; andy is loveable, smart, artistic, bubbly, fun, devious and annoying!


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The Mayor
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PostSubject: Re: endicott, andromeda e.   Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:14 am


oh wow, another amazing character molls! certainly 'young, wild, and free' as you so perfectly put it. she's absolute love and i bet will bring a whole bunch of fun into this site with her! now get to claiming!

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endicott, andromeda e.

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