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 carnesîr, linwë i.

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Linwë Carnesîr
24 - Divorce Lawyer - Molly
24 - Divorce Lawyer - Molly

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PostSubject: carnesîr, linwë i.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:22 am

carnesîr, linwë i,

FULL NAME: linwë ipolani carnesîr

NICKNAMES: lin, linny

AGE: twenty-four

HOMETOWN: long beach

JOB: divorce lawyer



PLAYBY: kimbra johnson

tell us about your family, what're they like?

linwë stares at the interviewer with a blank expression for a moment, before she shifts and drums her fingers against the armrest. "where do I begin? let's start with my parents. they're really nice, to me anyway. always showering me with love and affection and telling me how proud they are of me. they've always said from the beginning that they've expected big things from me, and I feel like I have to do well to impress them, you know?" she sighs and ducks her head. "i've always been the good child, the one with the big bright future to them. and yeah, I love them but i'm kind of glad that i'm old enough to not live with them anymore because it just gets boring hearing how excited they are for your future. I mean, there's being supportive and there's being just plain annoying, and they were often just being annoying. they always told me to not worry, i'd ace every test and it was kind of like 'hey, I need to put in a lot of effort', and whenever I did well on a test they'd act like I put hardly any effort in and - urgh, it was like everything I did they were so proud of me. I went through a bit of a rebellious stage when I was, what, 16? yeah, I started smoking and drinking but that soon got boring and I focused on my career again because I wasn't going to throw it all away just because my parents were overly proud of me." she bites her lip and raises her head. "and then, there's my twin brother mahtan. I love him so much, I mean, he's not the greatest brother but I just love him. it's so un-fair, no matter how hard he tried mum and dad never paid him any attention. it was kind of like everything he did wasn't good enough for them, and that just annoys the crap out of me. he tried and tried, and eventually just gave up and now he's some bum with no where to go all because of them and their lack of faith. and they don't even get it! they think they're the greatest parents in the world, and yet they've fucked up my brother to the point that he's got no future! rr." linwë fumes. "next question, please?"

that sounds terrible. what's your relationship like with your brother now?

lin shrugs her shoulders and looks upset at the question. "he ran off. couple of years back now," she runs her hands through her hair and looks incredibly stressed. "I don't even know what to do anymore, i'm so sad every day because my brother is out there, probably in some jail cell or rehab, I don't even know! and I just want to pick him up, get him back on his feet. I don't think he wants my help though. the problem with me is, I want to help everyone. I love making people happy and making them feel fulfilled, but my brother? i've never been able to convince him that he's better than what he thinks, that he's got a bright lovely future. it kills me inside, knowing that I can't help him. I just want to help him, because I love just helping people in general but he's my brother and..." She shakes her head and wipes at her tear-filled eyes.

let's change the topic. what are your plans for the future?

lin beams at the topic change and is pleased to talk about her future. though she's not generally a person who likes to talk about herself, she is very proud of her accomplishments. "well, because of my excellent grades i skipped a year level at one point, so i went from year 9 to year 11. which meant that i finished law school a year earlier than planned. i went to law school for 3 years, and i've been a divorce lawyer for a year now? yeah, a year. my plans for the future are to build a name for myself as a lawyer, and i want to travel the world. i want to see italy and spain, and i've always wanted to go to japan. i want to visit switzerland, see the great wall of china, visit the eiffel tower, see the pyramids, i just want to really live you know? i want to earn some money, help my brother out, and i'm looking to maybe volunteer at the suicide hotline and help out other people. i'd like to meet a nice guy one day and settle down, have children, oh the future is just so exciting don't you think?" she exclaimed and gave a light laugh.


fourteen. australia. GMT +9:30.

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The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: carnesîr, linwë i.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:51 am

god molls why do you make your character so cute! i love her mannerisms and her strife to success, despite the people around her not being so lucky. i can't wait to see what you do with her but i can see nothing but cuteness and perfection from lin.

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carnesîr, linwë i.

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