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 carnesîr mahtan r.

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Mahtan Carnesîr
24 - Unemployed - Jawn
24 - Unemployed - Jawn

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PostSubject: carnesîr mahtan r.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:30 pm

carnesîr mahtan r,

FULL NAME: mahtan rochben carnesîr

NICKNAMES: mat, rc

AGE: twenty-four

HOMETOWN: long beach

JOB: unemployed



PLAYBY: Ashley Stymest

First things first, how was your childhood? And how would you describe your family?

Mahtan leans back in his chair, chewing on his gum. "Eh, it was fine, I guess...before highschool. Nothing I remember too much of, nothing I'd really change or care to remember too specifically. I was a kid, did kid things, got along with my sister fine. You know, the whole deal of just being normal." Mat keeps chewing his gum and sits up, resting his elbows on his knees. "We all used to live in long beach. What I remember of it was pretty nice, I guess. We moved out here before middle school started, shit happened in highschool, and then I ditched the place. I half blame my parents for it all...cause my parents, well... " Mat shrugs his shoulders and sits back again, crossing his arms, seeming to get a bit defensive. "I dunno. I wouldn't call them great. Well, I guess they did great with Lin, always doting on her, always pushing her towards 'greatness'. I don't think they wanted to have twins, much less a son. I think I'd have gotten off better if I were a girl, but you know...whatever. Nothing I can do about that at all. And my relationship with them is nothing I plan to fix anytime soon. I can't forgive them."

Seems like things were a bit tough, what happened in highschool?

At the question, Mat rolled his eyes and scoffed. "What didn't fucking happen in highschool?" He then smirked, tapping his fingers on his arm as he continued chewing his gum. "Lin and I, we got a bit rebellious. She hated our parents trying to shove all their expectations down her throat, and I was just sick all the favoritism shit, so we fought against it... Hmm, you know what's funny? Usually when parent's pick favorites the other kids start to dislike the favorite. It was never that way with Lin though. She always felt terrible about it, tried to apologize and all that shit, but I knew it was never her fault. It was them, they were the one's in the wrong so I could never hold it against her. Which is why we always stayed so tight throughout everything. Especially when we started getting into trouble together." he shifts in his chair, spitting out his gum into the trash bin and pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, bringing one up to his mouth and not caring to ask the interviewer if it was alright before he lit it and took a drag. "It started as just the typical highschool rebellion. Partying, drinking, smoking. I ended up doing worse stuff then her 'cause I wanted to stick out more. It was a time I really wanted to, you know, establish myself as an individual and not just a twin." Mat narrows his eyes, breathing out another puff of smoke from his nose. "And no, that doesn't just happen with same sex twins so shut the hell up. Look, whatever, she got better as she cleaned up her act but by then I was too far in, I kept spiraling down and then pointedly became the bad kid. Hell, I still am in that downward spiral, waiting for the day I hit rock bottom and can then pick myself up again. There's really not much more I can do until that happens." He shrugs, pulling the cigarette away from his lips. "I met some bad people, did things behind everyone's back, got hooked on...some stuff. I barely rid it out through senior year, don't ask me how the fuck I managed to graduated because I don't even know. I guess you could say I tore the family apart, my relationship with my parents was trashed, and I ditched this town when they said they were going to send me to rehab. Fuck that." he spat into the trash bin, bringing up the cigarette to take another breath in.

Oh wow, so what have you been doing? What do you plan an doing? And what about your sister?

Mat takes another puff of the cigarette, raising one hand and rubbing at the back of his neck, seeming slightly hesitant at first. "Uh, well, not...that much, I guess. I kinda just wandered around the coast with a few 'friends' I made along the way for a year or so. I then fucked myself over pretty bad, spent a few nights in jail, ended up having to go through some rehab program anyway, but at least it was more on my terms." He takes one last breath in before he takes the cigarette, pressing it out on the arm of the chair. He watches the ashes for a moment before looking back to the interviewer. "I'd not have been able to stick to it if I was forced into it any more then I was. I had some left over money from...activities involving my arrest and was able to hold myself over for a while. Three years actually. Though stupid-ass me got involved with those 'friends' again, and now they've accused me of robbing the money from them (which i guess i did, but technically it was my money to begin with), and well...I've kind of been on the hiding from them and their boys. Which what drove me back here. Plans for the future? Uh, live? I don't know, I don't really care anymore. I don't seem to be worth too much anymore. And Lin? I don't know. I've not had any contact with her for years now...and it's really a strange feeling having gone through all that shit without her. Out of everyone, I missed her most. Which was the main reason I even came back here. Maybe she could help me get my shit together."


seventeen. united states. pacific.

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The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: carnesîr mahtan r.   Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:08 am

jawn, you know i love you and i love your characters almost as much xD another awesome character that i can't even express in words how much i love. i just want to cuddle him and give him a future filled with bright hope (though that could just be the lin in me talking) haha.

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carnesîr mahtan r.

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