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 snow, jack a.

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Jack Snow
Jack Snow
21 - Intern - Moriarty
21 - Intern - Moriarty

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PostSubject: snow, jack a.   snow, jack a. EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 12:09 am

Snow, Jackson A,

FULL NAME: Jackson Aaron Snow

NICKNAMES: Jack, Jackie

AGE: Twenty-one

HOMETOWN: Liverpool

JOB: Intern



PLAYBY: Kit Harington

Jack grew up in a big family in Liverpool, England. But the family wasn't a very kind one. He never had a good childhood and grew up to wish to be ignored and stay away from other people. He smiles a lot, but only because he knows that if he smiles, no one will ask him what's wrong. No one will walk over to him and pat his shoulder. And he wants it like that. Because when he was ignored by his family, he was free. But when he wasn't... He still had a scar to show for it, going from his left shoulder-blade to his waistline.

When he turned 14, people started noticing how extremely clever Jack was. Many schools started sending letters to the family about how he should come and join them or move up a few years. But every time, his family ignored the letters and simply burned them when they saw what it was about. But when he was 16 and sick of his family, he locked some of the letters up and forged the signature of his father. He sent a 'yes' to the school asking him to join that was furthest away. This happened to be in Pulchra Aurora. He started his last year at high school at the same age and begun med-school at 19 when he had worked a year and a half at a random shop to earn enough money to live on his own in an apartment complex.

Despite being so very clever as he is, his iQ on 185, he has to work equally as much as the other interns, but is only supposed to study for four years, having started on his third year now, even though the higher ups had considered to let him off with only three. He can already perform most of the surgeries that the professionals can do. He has an exceptionally steady hand and is very precise, a bit of a perfectionist.

Jack has no friends, nor does he want them. He trusts no one, because he has never felt the true meaning of trust, only betrayal. He only trusts his intellect. He is very prejudiced and does not easily start talking with other people. He is not shy, but he simply does not want to talk to others, because others can do nothing for him. At least, that is what he thinks. The thing he needs in life, is someone who goes along with everything, who loves to have fun, who'll get him out of the apartment to do other things than studying. A good, trustworthy friend.

He works out a lot, knowing he'll need strength to fight his family, even though he has a feeling they'll never meet him again. He has black belt in karate and tae-kwon-do, as well as the red shirt in kali sikaran. Because of the hard work, he has a very well-toned body.


James Nicholls, Logan Nicholls, Roxanne Zakrevsky, Natasha Zakrevsky, Samare Stark, Moriarty (Richard Brook)

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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snow, jack a. Empty
PostSubject: Re: snow, jack a.   snow, jack a. EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 12:33 am

agh his life is so sad! wanting to be alone is not always the best thing, but there is reason behind his life style choice and well respected. maybe someone will be able to change that about it Razz great character as always dear <3

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snow, jack a.

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