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 nicholls, logan

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Logan Nicholls
Logan Nicholls
19 - High School Student - Moriarty
19 - High School Student - Moriarty

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PostSubject: nicholls, logan   nicholls, logan EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 3:55 pm

Nicholls, Logan,

FULL NAME: Logan Nicholls


AGE: nineteen


JOB: -



PLAYBY: Logan Lerman

Logan looked at the teammates of the basketball team. He was grinning. They were extremely good at this. He was enjoying the fact that he was in such a good team. He smiled to his buddies as they walked into the locker rooms. "You did super, Loge! Shit, I knew we had to get you on our team!" Logan grinned at him and stepped into the shower, washing off the sweat. Sounds of agreements surrounded them. It made Logan feel really good. He was a good basketball player, that was true, but to hear it from others... It was different. Like Jamie. He always told Logan that he was very good, and it made him feel really good. Because people always gave him weird glances. They pitied him. And he hated that. So to be good at something and others seeing him enjoy it and stuff, that was what he wanted. He wanted people to be happy, he wanted to be happy.

He walked home to Buchanon Street where he and his brother lived in a cityview apartment. He loved it there. He could see everything, and no one bothered him when he was playing his music. He played a lot of music. It was the only way he could really express his feelings. He walked up the sets of stairs; he never took the elevator, he was claustrophobic. He reached the penthouse and walked inside. Jamie wasn't home yet. He wouldn't be home for a while. It was a busy life, being a defense lawyer. Logan walked over to the fridge and opened it. He sighed soundlessly when he saw they didn't have anything he actually liked. Only some crackers in a drawer. He shrugged and closed the door and fished up his phone. He sent a text to his brother to get him to buy some.

Logan had moved in with his brother when he started school in Pulchra Aurora. He hadn't really thought he'd leave Las Vegas, but he was glad they had. The bullies there had picked on him constantly. It was only because he didn't scream for help. Logan shook his head sadly. Couldn't, not didn't. They had gagged him the first few times, but then they realized he wouldn't scream. Couldn't. Logan was born mute. He had never had a voice in his life. Which was why he was so dependent of music. It was his only way to get out his feelings. He smiled slightly. Jamie wasn't home. He instantly halfway walked, halfway ran to his room and fetched his guitar. He plugged it and started playing a song called 'rebirthing' by the band Skillet. He loved the song, but the neighbors and Jamie weren't very joyous when he played it. After all, it was heavy metal.

After a while, he put down the guitar and texted some of his friends on the team, asking if they were up for bowling that night. So, in the end, he spent the rest of his day bowling with the entire team. They were all pretty tight, even the ones who usually sat on the bench were great friends. And no one mocked him for being unable to talk. Sometimes, he felt a bit ignored though, but it was all a part of his dis-functionality and he was used to it. When everyone was talking in their mouths at each other, it wasn't easy to get a word in when one couldn't even say it. But the guys included him despite of it, something Logan was grateful for.


James Nicholls, Roxanne Zakrevsky, Natasha Zakrevsky, Cameron Snow, Moriarty(Richard Brook)

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: nicholls, logan   nicholls, logan EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 11:18 pm

Muteness despite everything, is a challenge to Logan. I feel so bad for him, but he's a fighter! You make the best character's Vilde <33

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nicholls, logan

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