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 James, Maximilian H.

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Maximilian James
25 - Real Estate Agent - Remy
25 - Real Estate Agent - Remy

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PostSubject: James, Maximilian H.   James, Maximilian H. EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 4:14 am

James, Maximilian H.

FULL NAME: Maximillian Henry James


AGE: twenty five


JOB: Real Estate Agent


ACTIVITY CLAIM: Fundraising Committee

PLAYBY: Ben Barnes

Maximilian or Max was born into a loving family. Even though his parents are busy, they always make sure that they have time for him. One day, he was waiting for his parents to come home from their business trip but they never came home. Instead, his uncle came to his house and told him that his parents got involved in a car crash and they didn't survive. He was extremely sad and his uncle decided to stay with him and became his legal guardian. When he reached the age of 18, he got the money that his parents left him and left London. With that money, he wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life.

He travelled around the world for around 7 years and decided to live somewhere new. He didn't want to be in London because it reminds him of so many bad memories. His uncle was really nice but his uncle's wife wasn't. She treated him really badly when his uncle is not around and she told him if he said a word to his uncle then he would be sent to a boarding school. He kept quiet and keep himself strong. When he was travelling, he met a few people and did a few jobs. He did stayed in France for his college education. Travelling changed him and he wasn't the weak boy that was hurt anymore.

He wanted to start a new life somewhere and he decided on Pulchra Aurora. It seems like a good place to live in and settle down. He has a fair share of girlfriends when he was travelling. Not that he was a player or anything but they just weren't the right one for him. People might think that he's too young to think of serious relationship and marriage but he had been lonely for most of his life so he doesn't want to be lonely anymore.

Max is a very determined person. He never gives up and always work hard to get what he wants. When he wants something he gets it. He is also a very helpful guy. he likes helping people when he can and he often donates his money to charity. He spends his money wisely and he likes being independent. He barely use his parents money.

Max is also a pretty funny guy. Sometimes his jokes are lame but he never give up on trying to make people laugh. He is a loyal guy. If he is in a relationship he will give it his all. He wont cheat or lie. He's honest to the person he's dating. He's is also loyal to his friends. He is always there when they need him. His honesty might sound mean to other people at times. He doesn't lie and he will tell the truth even though it will hurt people's feelings. One thing he doesn't do though, is tell people his feelings concerning his parents.

He may seem perfect but he's not. On the anniversary of his parents death, he would always disappear. He would drink go to his parents grave and drinks until he couldn't remember anything. he never talked to anyone about his parents and how he feels about their death and he kept it bottled inside. He would just drink and drink.


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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: James, Maximilian H.   James, Maximilian H. EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 5:19 am


remy! ohmygosh this character's history broke my heart a little Sad i can't wait to see him around the site, he's going to be an awesome addition to pulchra aurora and i hope he can find happiness in this town <3 now go claim!

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James, Maximilian H.

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