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 collins, louise b.

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Louise Collins
Louise Collins
23 - Scientific Author/Lawyer - Molly
23 - Scientific Author/Lawyer - Molly

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PostSubject: collins, louise b.   collins, louise b. EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 5:57 am

collins, louise b,

FULL NAME: louise becky collins


AGE: twenty-three

HOMETOWN: new york

JOB: scientific author & lawyer



PLAYBY: kerli


louise raises an eyebrow and looks at the interviewer as if he's retarded. she flips her hair over her shoulder. "i'm pretty sure it says my name on your sheet, but in case you're stupid, i'll answer that. i'm louise becky collins. don't call me lou, loui, beck, becks, becky, don't call me ANYTHING other than louise, we clear? and especially, don't call me lou lou. only one person has ever called me that, and i hate their guts. besides, who the hell's nickname is lou lou? it's stupid, ridiculous, really. i hate it. louise will do just fine, thank you very much.” she snaps.


louise's snarky, bitchy look falters, and for a moment she lets the sadness cloud her features as she dips her head and bites her lower lip. when she looks up, her expression if completely in-different. "it's okay, i guess. i've slept with plenty of guys throughout college, though mostly because i was drunk and partying. i did have a relationship with this one guy at college, well i had a few but this guy was probably the most serious i had at college - and it wasn't even that serious. we went out for about a month? yeah, a month. it didn't end well though, he cheated on me - but to be fair, i cheated on him too at the same party, so," she shrugs her shoulders. "i didn't care about him all too much... the only guy i've ever cared about... loved, even, i broke it off between us."she sighs and runs a hand through her hair, pushing the golden locks out of her face. "can we not fucking talk about this? honestly, what are you some prying prick who gets a kick out of invading other people’s personal lives, huh? do you? you ever slept with a girl?" louise growls.

"okay fine, i loved a guy called mason. such a sweetheart, he was. mason was the perfect guy. i'd ask him to do something, he'd do it, he was always angelic, lovely, and i just adored him. and then, his best friend bloody wanted to go exploring the world and took off to australia. the loyal little puppy he is, mason followed his stupid friend - who i hated, by the way because he used to call me lou lou. i would've gone, except you know, i don't want to follow his stupid friend anywhere to be honest, and i was already enrolled for college. eventually, i'd had enough of his friend - and the distance was making it really difficult, so i broke it off. after that, i haven't really committed to anyone. i don't want to get hurt again, because people always think that because i broke up with mason i'm the bitch here and oh, everybody hate louise! but it hurt me too!" her tone is defensive, as if the interviewer is one of those people - although, he probably does think her a bitch by now. "no one seemed to care though that i actually gave a fuck about mason. but anyway, relationships suck." she says in a dismissive tone and looks at the interviewer expectantly.


louise raises an eyebrow at the amount of questions but chooses not to pick a fight with the interviewer. even though she really, really wanted to. "let's see. i enrolled at a few different universities, however i got into harvard after much persistence. everyone said that i wouldn't get in, but i was determined to and hey! i got in. besides, the more they told me i wouldn't, the more i wanted to. oh, i forgot, you're not very bright," she smirks at the offended looking interviewer. "harvard's a university for smart people. it's in cambridge, massachusetts. if you don't know where that is, i can't help you. get a map?" she cocks an eyebrow, and he looks like he's going to protest so louise quickly cuts across him. "oh shut it, you, i'm not finished talking. i went to college to study astrology and chemical biology. i've always loved science and maths, so my dream has basically been to become a scientist or an astrologist and discover new things. however, when i looked at what i could study i discovered a passion i'd never known i had - and i could also apply for it due to my brilliant scores," she looks smug and doesn't try to be modest. "literature. i don't know why, but it just called to me. i'm currently working on a few non-fiction books revolving around the study of the earth and the starts beyond earth. oh, and one of biology. yes, but while i write those i've got a simple job. doesn't get much money, but enough to pay the bills while i study and write." she smiles at him, pleased to be talking about her career, and by further extent, her intelligence in a way. if there is one thing louise loves to do, it's to talk about herself and make herself look good. ”oh, and i also went to law school. that was boring, but i’ll make plenty of money from being a lawyer.” she adds with a shrug.

"now, for what was college like..." she pauses for a moment and considers the question deeply. "it was amazing. like, seriously, it was awesome. every day was a party, everybody was always having fun, and people actually DID what i told them to do in experimentations!" her memory flickers to that day of masons’ stupid friend burning her pencil, and then blaming it on her! she would've protested and informed the teacher that she did not in fact drop her pencil, but rather he took it and burned it, however she was slightly intimidated by him and hadn't been able to form words, so irritated and furious with him. stupid prick! "i was in a sorority of course, one of the most popular on camp, and they were like my sisters. i still miss them now, but they really weren't the most intelligent girls to be honest. i still loved them though," she says in a fond tone. "the boys were nice too, lovely to look at, but nothing in their head, and they weren't willing to do things for me. i'd much prefer someone like mason who actually likes to do what i ask of him." she wrinkles her nose when talking of the others boys, but looks slightly sad when she mentions mason. she glares at the interviewer then for making her think of mason once more. "are we done? yes? good!" she stands up as if to leave.


louise sighs impatiently and sits back down in the chair - very daintily of course, she must always look good even to those who she doesn't consider worthy of her time. like this interviewer, for instance. "yes, i was born in the wonderful LA and attended one of the most prestigious high schools there. it was fabulous, filled with intelligent students and people who were worthy of my time. however, father dear got addicted to gambling," she speaks in the most sour tone the interviewer has ever heard when she mentions her father. it is clear to all that she holds a deep loathing for her father with those two words spoken in such distaste. "we were living in a mansion, mother raking in the money along with father, before she quit her job because father had ever so much money she didn't even need to work. life was wonderful, and then he had to blow all of his money on gambling! every last cent! we had to sell our home, and we had plenty of money after that! we bought a nice little house, though it was nothing like the mansion, and i had to go to a public school! can you imagine?" she looks horrified. "but no no, he didn't learn his lesson did he? he went off to a casino just when life was starting to look up again and they might've been able to afford a private education for me, and then he blew everything again! by the time he was finished, he'd lost his job. mother left him of course, and we had to move all the way out here. it wasn't just a random choice either, mother's from avalon and she was offered a job at her father's place. she has a different job now, and of course i don't rely on her anymore. but yes, i came back here because i've become rather fond of this little town even though i was only here a short time.” what she wouldn't share was that she only held a fondness for the town because of mason, and she missed him.


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PostSubject: Re: collins, louise b.   collins, louise b. EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 11:18 pm

well isn't louise a piece of work? very unique, memorable, and her sharp tongue and not to mention honesty, will make her a staple in the town. her lack of inhibitions also makes her a leo to a degree, and molls once again you have made a perfect imperfect character.

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collins, louise b.

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