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 Dawson, Briar N.

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Briar Dawson
Briar Dawson
22 - Shop Owner - Tiffany
22 - Shop Owner - Tiffany

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PostSubject: Dawson, Briar N.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:05 am

Dawson Briar N,

FULL NAME: Briar Nicole Dawson


AGE: Twenty-Two

HOMETOWN: Pulchra Aurora

JOB: Owner of La Petite Patisserie


PLAYBY: Emmy Rossum

What’s your dream job?

Briar looked at the young girl and smiled. She had asked for an interview for the school newspaper on the new owner of the shop. Smiling, she gesture to the work in progress that was her small bakery. “This is it, really. My whole family is into food of different varieties. I’ve always had an affinity for sweets, so when the Ogden’s decided to sell this place I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” It had really been a case of being in the right place at the right time. The old owners had been invited to Briar’s parent’s house for a small barbeque and they brought up the topic of wanting to sell. “I’m grateful that my family gives me a lot of credibility in this town, but I want to make my own mark.”

How’s your love life?

Briar couldn’t help the blush creeping up her neck. Love was a personal topic to be asked in an interview. Honestly, she was surprised the young girl was asking, though when she looked at her over her cup of tea, it didn’t seem like she was taking notes. Briar let out a small smile. “I’m single and looking, though I’m not ready to go off and get hitched.” It was true. She enjoyed being young and building her life and career as a strong independent woman. Deciding to give the girl a little something for the paper, she continued. “I figure when it’s the right person, I’ll know.” She was a romantic at heart, which could be a hindrance at times. She’d had boyfriends here and there, but nothing very serious.

Do you want children?

Still surprised at the personal questions, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to answer honestly. “I’d love to have children some day. I have a larger than normal family, one sister and four brothers. It was really fun growing up in the middle of all of that craziness and love.” It hadn’t always been easy, or fun, but it gave her five people that loved her unconditionally. Not to mention her parents and her best friend, Aria. “I want my children, whenever I get around to having them, to have the same experience I had.”


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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: Dawson, Briar N.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:17 am

briar is definitely a romantic, despite her not wanting to jump into commitment. it's clear that she has a good heart, and her affinity for food is now her career. i do love how you simply, show her shyness and yet friendly attitude with the interview. as part of the canon family, she will face some pressures, but she can make the best of it.

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Dawson, Briar N.

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