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 CYRUS, blaise.

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Blaise Cyrus
29 - Veterinarian - Abigail
29 - Veterinarian - Abigail

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CYRUS, blaise. Empty
PostSubject: CYRUS, blaise.   CYRUS, blaise. EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 12:12 am

cyrus, blaise

FULL NAME: blaise, cyrus.


AGE: twenty-nine.

HOMETOWN: Corona, California.

JOB: veterinarian



PLAYBY: Tyler Hoechlin


An angular shaped face, with a strong jawline is the first things that you can spot with Blaise; a mop of unruly, thick, black hair; a pair of almond shaped eyes, a deep amber color. His name is straight, and is proportional to his features; a pair of cupids bow lips, pale in comparison to the tanned skin that stretches across his bones. A near-permanent frown mars his face, but when he smiles; it lights up his entire face.

He is lithe, but muscled; his muscles are sinewy, nearly undectable until moving, and with his six foot three frame, and weighing one hundred and fifty pounds -- less than he should be, but hey, nobody really cares -- Blaise could easily be seen as a lightweight, but he isn't; he can't be to work with dogs that can weigh nearly as much as him. Scars litter his frame; the majority of them being on his hands, from the stray nip in temper or anger. The worst would be a bite that marks his hip, large and completely white in comparison to his complexion. He won't lie and say it was an accident; he knew the dog disliked him, but he hadn't meant to push the canine as far as he did. He was sixteen at the time, and it still worries him that it will never heal and fade in time.

Blaise will always be seen with a leather jacket of some sort; a pair of dark washed jeans, or cut offs are usually his casual wear, along with his band t-shirts; he's got a variety of shoes, from converse to air dunks, to the steel-capped toe boots from his teenage rebellion years. He will always dress smart for work however; a dark or white shirt, with dress trousers, and a pair of plain black shoes.


Blaise has a very sharp tongue; not just for kissing, but for literally ripping someone to shreds within seconds once they've questioned him; his pessimism has a habit of leaving him feeling weak, and when someone insults him he was a habit of literally turning like the proverbial scorpion and stinging the speaker in self-defense.

Blaise takes notice of everything, and within seconds can work out whether something is to his benefit or not, which in his line of work is a good thing -- it's a good thing, but if he ever got into a bad situation, his charisma would easily get him out of trouble. Blaise hates people who gossip; it's not something he's ever had time for, he would rather spend time doing something fun and interesting.

Love is not something that Blaise values very high; a lifetime -- up to now -- of being let down by the people who were supposed to love and protect him has left him with the feeling that he isn't worth the love of someone; it would take a lot more effort than Blaise thinks someone will put into a relationship, regardless of how much they like each other.


eighteen. gmt.

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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CYRUS, blaise. Empty
PostSubject: Re: CYRUS, blaise.   CYRUS, blaise. EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 4:19 am

i love how in detail you described his appearance! your descriptive skills show that you will definitely be a valuable rp'er for this site. he's interesting, and sticks true to the scorpio nature. his love issues also intrigue me, and i can't wait to see him around the site! now you can go claim!

CYRUS, blaise. Screen11
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CYRUS, blaise.

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