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 Hastings, Dawn Anita

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Dawn Hastings
Dawn Hastings
22 - Unemployed - Dawn
22 - Unemployed - Dawn

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PostSubject: Hastings, Dawn Anita   Hastings, Dawn Anita EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 12:35 pm

Hastings, Dawn Anita,

FULL NAME: Dawn Anita Hastings

NICKNAMES: None, really.

AGE: Twenty-Two

HOMETOWN: Pulchra Aurora

JOB: Unemployed


ACTIVITY CLAIM: Wild Ranch Country Club

PLAYBY: Rachel Weisz

Around her parents, Dawn appears to be exactly the same as they are- cold, rude, holier-than-thou, an expert backstabber. But take their presence away and she is so much more... She really hates the way she has to wear a mask to support her family's weird reputation, and Dawn has always dreamt of being the 'different' Hastings child. People love her more when she's acting her warm, charming, gracious little self; in fact she loves her self more when she is in that persona.

Dawn remains unconscious of where her talents lie at the moment, although it is obvious to others that she has grace and social skills like no other. She has always been able to diffuse arguments of the most explosive kind, and loves the harmony of the natural world. One of her favourite pastimes at the Country Club is breaking down people's personalities by just talking to them. She is intelligent, but not a genius. She's beautiful, but always felt that it has ostracised her from her peers; and even though she has come to terms with the fact that she is so beautiful she refuses to admit it openly. She loves to let her mind wander off with her, and has been caught daydreaming more than once. And it's not just her mind that wanders. As an escape from the petty difficulties of her life, Dawn loves to walk and explore the hills and the flats of the Country Club and the town itself.

She does little exercise and has never really worked up an appetite properly. Dawn is one of those people who has a flat stomach without doing anything. Her mother may seem rude, but Zara does love her child a lot and fears that Dawn may be on the brink of developing an eating disorder. Dawn feels like a useless part to her town; she has nothing to do, no special job or purpose to make her feel included. She has dreams at night of finding that special purpose, but can never remember what it was when she wakes up.

Dawn lives an easy life. She's always gotten what she wanted, although she never asked for much. She taught herself to be thankful for everything, almost too thankful, since she matured into her teens. She grew up pretty fast, but never had a great relationship with her parents. Dawn knows she annoys her parents when she slips into her real-self, and has narrowly avoided being slapped one too many times by her mother. The last thing she wants to be is like her mother or father.

At times, it feels like she's lost. Well, not really lost... just a daydreamer stuck in a boring world with only her fantasies to excite her. Now, seeing as she has no clue how to spend her life, she dreams up the impossible and wastes her days away at the Country Club- which in its entirety is perfectly fine with Zara and Michael. They never wanted an ambitious daughter anyway, seeing as it would be their son who took over the family inheritance.


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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: Hastings, Dawn Anita   Hastings, Dawn Anita EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 1:17 pm

dawn. How are your characters always so flawless? I mean not them but they way you make them is perfection! I really understand Dawn now, and I cannot wait to see her around Pulchra Aurora because she's going to be a great addition to the site! Go hit the claims section!

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Hastings, Dawn Anita

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