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 ambrose, desdemona c.

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Desdemona Ambrose
24 - Architect - Molly
24 - Architect - Molly

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PostSubject: ambrose, desdemona c.   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:19 pm

ambrose, desdemona c,

FULL NAME: desdemona cordelia ambrose

NICKNAMES: dezzy, des, mona, moni, dez, desdem, dezdem, des

AGE: twenty-four

HOMETOWN: pulchra aurora

JOB: architect



PLAYBY: lily collins

desdemona stretched her arms out in front of er and let out a sigh as she stared at the essay she'd barely even started. it was focusing on the basics of architecture design, but her mind had gone blank. annoyed by this face, dezzy dropped her pen down on the desk and buried her face in her hands. she heard the footsteps before their voices spoke, and she knew straight away who it was. she didn't even bother to reward them with a glance, just pretended they weren't there as she reached down into her bag. she pulled out a purple folder, setting it down on the table and sliding her essay paper into the folder. she opened up her pencil case and packed up all of her gear. she was fully intent on ignoring clarissa and her cronies until clarissa slammed her hand down on the table, halting dezzy's movements and making her slowly left her head. a tremble ran through her body and her eyes widened a fraction in fear. dezzy was more the quiet type, an outcast if you would. too frightfully intelligent when it came to maths and science to be considered 'cool'. she stared into clarissa's cold, dark eyes of a deep sea blue-green colour. her smile was sugar-sweet, but everything about her position and the look in her eyes said hostile and dangerous. dezzy didn't understand why they picked on her so much, all she ever did was keep to herself and smile politely at everyone. often, she was the 'go to' girl when someone was sad and needed advice. dezzy was just a generally friendly, but shy girl who tried to just focus on her career rather than the day-to-day friendship problems within the university she attended. it was like a high school, and she'd hoped that would die out with high school. however, lots of the students were dormers.

"please, clarissa," dezzy spoke in a soft, gentle tone that clearly displayed how innocent and gentle she was despite her wicked intelligence and her age. clarissa smirked at her. "get. out. of. my. seat." clarissa growled. dezzy wished she had the courage to stay put and refuse, her arms crossed over her chest and a defiant look on her face as she cocked on eyebrow at clarissa. as it was, dezzy did not and rather quickly stood up, yanking her bag onto her shoulder. un-fortunately for dezzy, the bag was still open and the fast movement had tipped the contents of her bag all over the floor. dezzy's eyes brimmed with tears, as they often did when she was caught in an embarrassing situation, and she dropped to her knees. as fast as she could, she gathered up her stuff and scurried away from clarissa and her gang. she sniffled lightly and wiped at her eyes, head bowed so her hair fell in her face and shielded it from the worlds cruel gaze. she stopped once she was several paces away from the library and bent down, filling her bag with her gear once more. she zipped it up and decided she was DONE for the day. she hated it here, she hated everything about how shy and quiet she was. she ran a shaky hand through her hair and pulled her bag back onto her shoulder. she was in the process of continuing on her path as she pushed her hair away from her face when she bumped into a ball and was sent sprawling onto her backside. tears now rolled down her cheeks at the pain, the humiliation, and the overall sadness she felt building up inside of her. she'd gone months with just dealing with it all, and now she near breaking point. the boy looked flabbergasted as he bent down and offered her his hand.

she took it and allowed him to pull her up. he said sorry once, but he couldn't get dezzy to shut up. "i'm so sorry! i should watch where i'm going, be more careful, are you okay? i can't believe i just did that, i'm so sorry. i didn't meant to at all!" she exclaimed, flustered. a blush was spread across her cheeks lightly and she shook her head wildly. he smiled and assured her he was fine, before rather quickly leaving her. dezzy sighed and wrung her hands together, guilt in her. she wanted to hit herself for not watching where she was going, now she'd knocked over a poor boy. truth be told, it wasn't dezzy's fault at all but dezzy would prefer to blame herself than someone else. that was the thing with dezzy, she hated to blame others and always shifted all the blame onto herself. she would rather get in trouble than have someone else get in trouble. people often took advantage of dezzy for this reason, and she was more than happy to do as they wished. dezzy continued on to her car. she packed away her stuff and slid into the drivers seat. she was about half-way home when she received a phone call. it was a short conversation, and dezzy's gullible and compassionate nature shone through as she turned the car around and spent an hour driving even further from her home than she already was. she pulled the car up outside a friend from university's house and climbed out.

she hurried to the door and knocked. it was opened by a cheery looking adelaide and she stepped aside, insisting that dezzy come in. "what's the emergency, are you okay?" dezzy asked, panicked for her friends well-being as she would be for anyone. adelaide laughed and pinched dezzy's cheek playfully. "you're an angel, dez!" she exclaimed, walking into the kitchen. dezzy followed after and looked at the mess. the kitchen looked like a bomb had exploded in it, a bomb filled with ingredients. dezzy gasped in horror. "what happened?" she asked adelaide, turning to her friend with a tilted head and a frown on her face. adelaide grinned wickedly. "my boyfriend and i had a food fight, but i really need to go out now. would you mind cleaning it all up for me?" she asked sweetly. dezzy blinked at adelaide and looked around, shaking her head. she opened her mouth to refuse, but adelaide had a suddenly depressed look on her face. "fine, i'll do it." dezzy said, feeling her heart melt at the wounded puppy look. dezzy hated the thought that adelaide would miss out on something important if dezzy didn't clean up for her, so dezzy was quick to agree. after all, she reasoned with herself, adelaide wouldn't ask unless she had a date or something! adelaide squealed and hugged dezzy close to her. she informed her where everything was to clean up, and dezzy cleaned up. the kitchen looked brand new by the time dezzy was gone, and adelaide looked all dolled up as she walked into the kitchen after two hours. "didn't you have something really important on?" dezzy asked. adelaide looked confused for a moment, but dezzy didn't suspect for even a second that adelaide was merely pretending to have something on so dezzy would clean up for her. adelaide than had a look of realisation and nodded her head. "oh, right, i have this really important business meeting on, can't miss it. got to go now, actually, off you pop. thanks a lot, dez!" adelaide smiled in a loving manner at her. dezzy was at her home after a few minutes, but it was 10pm by the time she got home and she was beat. however, dezzy still didn't suspect a thing as she curled up in her bed. and realised with a jolt that she needed to do her essay on architecture.

after desdemona curled up on the floor, willing the suns rays to fuck off. her head throbbed painfully and she slowly lifted herself up, staring around with a look of utter confusion on her face. where in the name of fuck was she? suddenly, a figure appeared in the doorway and it took several blinks for dezzy to be able to make out who exactly it was. slowly, though, the black form took shape and became a male. oh god, why was she with him again? "no! no! what are you doing here?!" she sobbed hysterically as he moved towards her, knife in hand. "what? aren't you happy to see me, sugar?" his all too familiar voice reached the girl's ears and she curled up into a sobbing ball. "please! please!" she was unable to form any words as her sobs shook her entire body, disabling her from speech. he laughed cruelly and bent down, slicing the knife against her cheek and she felt a stinging pain as she screamed out. "please what? please hurt you? whatever my princess wants," he crooned, pricking her skin just enough to make it agonisingly painful, but not enough to kill her. the scars that already coated her body were enough, but he seemed to take pleasure in adding more. she screamed out and sobbed as he did it, knowing the more she cried the less he'd do it. because all he wanted was to hear her scream in pain, and once he got that he would leave. if she was strong, he would stay and do it until she gave in.

dezzy awoke with a jolt in the safe comfort of her bed. that was the third time this week she'd woken up in a cold sweat, a scream dying on her lips. the door burst open and her sister burst in, looking worried. dezzy let out a sniffle and wiped at the tears on her face, holding her arms out and immediately her sister was sitting on her bed, holding dezzy tight. because before she had been gullible and innocent, now she was downright pathetic and lost. the only thing she could do was design buildings, and she struggled still with that, often requiring a lot of help from the sister who now held her in her arms. her other siblings were supportive of course, but dezzy had always been closest to elizabeth. she felt a hand against her hair, twisting through the locks and sweet nothings were whispered into her ears. her body slowly relaxed and she let her head drop against elizabeth's shoulder as her quiet cries subsided into nothing. she clung to elizabeth, and it wasn't soon before she fell asleep as she did most nights curled up in her sisters lap.

the next day, dezzy went to work with elizabeth per usual. she kept her head down and her hair shielding her face lest he find her again. she was timid and quiet, frightened of basically anyone that gave her a second glance. she was very aware of her surroundings, ultra aware. gone was her gullibleness, gone was her trusting nature. she trusted none other than her siblings, and even them - excluding elizabeth - she didn't trust as much as she should. but above all, her biggest fear was men. she felt her body collide with a tall frame and a scream escaped her before she could stop it, attracting the attention of all. a look of concern from elizabeth, a shake of the head from desdemona. the man looked at her in worry and held out a hand to steady her as she stumbled and almost toppled backwards. at his touch, she cringed and almost immediately elizabeth was at her side with an icy gaze given to the man, who quickly turned and walked away.


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PostSubject: Re: ambrose, desdemona c.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:09 am

oh dezzy really tugs at my heart strings! her sweetness is always there, but then again behind the sweetness is someone capable of standing up for herself when necessary. she has so much potential to do so much, and so while others might see her shyness as a weakness it could be her biggest advantage. you make a flawless and realistic character as usual molly and i cannot wait to see what you are plotting with her.

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ambrose, desdemona c.

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