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 holmes, aria, m.

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Aria Holmes
Aria Holmes
22 - Criminal Profiler - Angie
22 - Criminal Profiler - Angie

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PostSubject: holmes, aria, m.    Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:52 pm

holmes, aria,

FULL NAME: aria musa holmes


AGE: twenty-two

HOMETOWN: pulchra aurora

JOB: college student

MEMBER GROUP: sagittarius


PLAYBY: anne hathaway

Q tell us about your family, what are they like?

aria lets out a lazy smirk and shrugs "what could i possibly tell you that you haven't read from some trashy magazine that's so intent on learning about my family?" she knows she needs to be a bit charismatic knowing her brother they'd get an even worst reputation. "my family is as normal as they can possibly be. we have mummy and daddy who are happy in england once the found our older brother, greyson, responsible" she wrinkles her nose "enough to take care of liam and i." they seem to be more interested in liam more than anything and she huffs knowing exactly what they are thinking. "from the curious gaze that you are giving me it is obvious that you are interested in my older brother liam. yes, all they say is true, he is a genius, he is the best and only consulting detective there is. no he's smarter than any university professor but that does not mean that he wants to be in that area. in fact, if i were to be perfectly honest, we are all known to have the gift of deduction, this is because we see and observe. many people in this town just rather listen to gossip than see if it's true themselves. but anyways, talking about my family, if we were to talk who is my favorite, then it's obviously my dearest brother liam. he's not wasting his time playing government like greyson, or playing house like mummy and daddy. but rather, he's working and being the best consulting detective there is, helping the small-minded idiots of this town." she wrinkles her nose "i'm serious, how does the law work here? they're always chasing the wrong person and being blind to the obvious."

Q. are you currently employed? if so, then why that career?

aria laughs and covers her mouth before composing herself. " i love how the average joe simply goes on with their lives, depending so greatly on a mundane career. well i can tell you that i hate routines, any of them, whether it be time, day or clothing, it's so boring, so conformist." she scoffs before continuing "but if you would call it a job, then yes i am employed, self-employed. i am a criminal profiler. i work with cases, usually governmental ones." she sighs "but i help them see what they cannot observe. whether it be a signature of the criminal, their mentality when doing murders, and of course like liam, i solve the cases." she lets out a smirk " so you can consider me employed, but not i assure you, not by the government" aria mutters "wouldn't want greyson to be happy, god knows he'd eat more cake than the town can be able to bake. but anyways, i prefer working with liam, he usually drags me into cases whenever he is in need of another pair of eyes. we work well together."she waves her hand as they notice her impatience. "yes yes, well i was interested in this...job, once i found myself observing things about people, and wondering why the people around me weren't noticing it. i tried getting into school, UPA was a waste of my time. if the lestrade family were in charge of the education there, i wasn't going to be paying to lose more IQ points. I'm sorry..well no i take that back i'm not sorry, but it's social protocal you know? i'm always terrible at remembering things like that, but yes, i tried school and it wasn't it. so i figured like liam i would follow his footsteps and use my talents towards the talentless and help them make society better. "

Q. where do you see yourself in ten years from now? married? children? the whole lot?

aria sighs at their question, wondering if they had a child choose these questions. "well for one thing i'm married to my job, so you can cross that out. i cannot see myself being married and doing what is expected of me as a woman. i understand that procreation is important, but unless i find a good reason and well...follow the social norm then we should see about kids. though i would hate gaining the weight..." she frowns at the thought. "either way, children would come after marriage, and if i do decided to...marry, i would appreciate if they were smarter than average? I cannot think of finding an equal when it comes to intelligence, but i would be intrigued to find someone that keeps my interest up." she wrinkles her nose at the thought of normalcy. "but that wouldn't stop me from being a profiler, it's my first wife." aria lets out a wicked grin."but i kid, we'll see in ten years, it'd be interesting to see, but i would hate to deduce myself it's so awfully boring. are we done? good, i was losing my patience."


19. US. Pacific.

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: holmes, aria, m.    Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:43 pm

as it is with all your characters, she's absolutely lovely! and everything you'd expect of a holmes haha. it'll be interesting to see them and the lestrades (which are totally so much cooler) running around!

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holmes, aria, m.

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