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 zakrevsky, natasha r

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Natasha Zakrevsky
Natasha Zakrevsky
19 - University student - Moriarty
19 - University student - Moriarty

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PostSubject: zakrevsky, natasha r   zakrevsky, natasha r EmptyMon Jul 09, 2012 4:06 pm

Zakrevsky, Natasha Ramora

FULL NAME: Natasha Ramona Zakrevsky


AGE: Nineteen

HOMETOWN: Pulchra Aurora

JOB: University student

MEMBER GROUP: Sagittarius


PLAYBY: Scarlett Johansson

Natasha was brn and raised in a very kind and loving family. She was born in Russia and at the age of three, she got a little sister, Roxanne. The two of them are inseperable. Natasha lost her parents when she was eleven and she and Roxxi were placed in child care. When she turned 13, they moved from Russia. The reason for this was that Natasha was sent to Pulchra to search for intel on a man known only as 'Moriarty'.

Natasha is a very kind person. She tends to be too kind to some people, and absolutely adores her friends. She wouldn't live a day without them. She does everything she can for them to make sure that they are happy. To insure the happiness of others is the most valiuable happiness you can find. That's at least what she thinks.

Natasha is currently studying at the university in Baker Street where she and Roxxi have an apartment. What she is studying is rather irrelevant as she already has a job. In Russia, when her parents died, the government decided to make her a spy. The american government took interest in her and wanted her on a mission to search for this Moriarty. The Russian government agreed to sell her to America and that is why they moved to Pulchra Aurora.

During her freetime, Natasha spends on her horse. It is a black Friesian stallion by the name 'Nagara'. She loves him with all her heart and she loves training dressage with him. Out in the nature, though, they have no morale. They run wherever they want as long as it can't hurt him, and she loves running on the beach. She only does this during nighttime, though, not sure if it's legal or not.

Needless to say, Natasha is kind of a daredevil and loves the thought of new adventures. She can also be downright evil towards people who are cruel to her friends, and she is very skilled within martial arts. She has been in a long range of competitions, before she realized she was strong enough and started with dressage. She found that it had helped her exploding personality, not only calming the horse, but the rider as well.

When it comes to love, Natasha has yet to find a man who proves to be just right to her. She doesn't really have high standards for boys, but she never takes the time to go to the town and have a night out to meet new people. If she even goes out, it is with her friends. When she was in high school, she did have a couple of boyfriends, one she had for two and a half years. But though she loved him, he decided that he didn't love her and cheated on her. That could also be a contributing factor as to why she doesn't have a boyfriend now. She really doesn't want to be hurt again and she has trust issues. In addition, the job as a spy is difficult to drag into a relationship, without lying a lot.

Foe the future, Natasha doesn't see any particular changes. She is very sure that she is still a spy. The only thing is that as a spy, there are many dangers, and she might be dead. Also, she sees herself as a very strong and individual person and in her future, she does not see children or even a boyfriend, once again because she's not very interested. She sees herself as very successful and content with her life, and she intends to make that happen. She also knows that from where she's standing now, everything can still change, be it that she does have children or not.

Everything can change in the matter of seconds, she knows this, so she isn't too careful because it doesn't matter. She believes in destiny and jumps into the things she wants because destiny can't be changed.


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Roxanne Zakrevsky, Richard Brook, James Nicholls, Cameron Snow

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The Mayor
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PostSubject: Re: zakrevsky, natasha r   zakrevsky, natasha r EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 11:08 pm

First of all you're character is great, and it seems that Natasha is on the positive side of a Sagittarius. her good heart will take her far into life and not to mention brighten up whoever is around her. adventure seems right up her alley and we can't help but wonder what trouble she'll get into. Razz

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zakrevsky, natasha r

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