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 Gandillon, Caia

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Caia Gandillon
17 - Student - Lena
17 - Student - Lena

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PostSubject: Gandillon, Caia    Gandillon, Caia  EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 3:13 pm

Gandillon, Caia

FULL NAME: Caia Gandillon


AGE: seventeen


JOB: student

MEMBER GROUP: capricorn

ACTIVITY CLAIM: newspaper photographer

PLAYBY: Erin Heatherton

What brings you to Pulchra Aurora?

Well, my parents got a divorce and my mother decided to move as far away as possible from my father. She wanted a fresh start and she thought that Pulchra Aurora would be a perfect place. It was a really bad divorce and my mother got custody of me. My cousin tagged along as she wants to explore new places. She might move out when she's bored. I don't know. I don't complain because my father was an ass anyway. He thinks only of himself. Besides, Pulchra Aurora seems like a nice place to be in. It's very peaceful here.

What is your dream job?

Well, I want to be a model. Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I read a lot of magazines and I would cut clothes that I love and paste them on my scrapbook. I also look at the models poses and practice them in the mirror. I always imagine myself walking on the runway and wearing pretty outfits. I know a lot of designers and I wish that someday I would be able to work with them.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Where do I see myself in 10 years? Hmm I think in 10 years I see myself as a successful model. A model that is still well known and on demand. I would also see myself having a boyfriend or be married. Being a model is my dream but ultimately I would like to get married and become a mother. Probably when I'm older I would become a photographer or a fashion designer. I love photography and of course fashion is my passion.


19. Malaysia. UTC+8.

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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: Gandillon, Caia    Gandillon, Caia  EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 5:22 pm

awww, I love her Lena! she's so cute and I love her passion for modelling, too. her dad sounds like a right arse and I hope she finds everything she's looking for in Pulchra Aurora! Get to claiming, girl! Smile

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Gandillon, Caia

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