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 greene, fia m.

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Fia Greene
Fia Greene
18 - Student - Raechel
18 - Student - Raechel

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PostSubject: greene, fia m.   greene, fia m. EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 12:12 pm

greene, fianna m.

FULL NAME: fianna megan greene

NICKNAMES: fia, meg

AGE: eighteen

HOMETOWN: pulchra aurora

JOB: student

MEMBER GROUP: sagittarius

ACTIVITY CLAIM: soccer player

PLAYBY: ashley benson

an eleven-year-old fia let out a deep breath as she walked out of the house, not caring at all about her mothers continuous shouts about "danger" and "trouble" and pretty much everything else. fia could only hear one thing in her mind, and one thing only: "there's no turning back." and with that thought still lingering in her mind, she stepped out of the house. it seemed to her that her mother's screams of "FIA, GET BACK IN HERE!!!" were coming from a very far place. she sighed and smiled at herself, relieved that she finally did what she always wanted to do. she just sat there on the grass, oblivious to the fact that she was sitting on dead leaves. with a last wail of frustration, her mother stormed back into the house and slammed the door.
fia grinned, as if she were planning something evil. but she wasn't; she was thinking of something else. giving the house a last glance, she wandered off to the nearby house to take a look. the house was enormous, as it was in buchanon boulevard. the house looked pretty nice, but she was sure she wasn't supposed to go around and wandering around strangers' homes. she walked back a few steps. her curiosity got the best of her, and she walked towards the house.
when she got back home, her parents started screaming their heads off. once in a while, she caught some phrases like "...could have been hurt!" or " not know what the ruddy hell you're thinking..." and even "...someone could have given you candy, and it could have been poison...." but fia merely rolled her eyes and stormed back to her room, where she barely had fun.

four years passed after fia experience freedom and happiness. now it was all gone, replaced by hardships and pain. she was now seventeen, and she was doing her best to catch up with her homework. she scowled at the half-finished report and threw it back on her bed. perhaps a nice stroll would clear her mind.
fia left the house and let her feet direct her anywhere. she found herself in front of upa, the university of pulchra aurora. she had always wanted to attend that school, and to meet people and see if she had anything in common with them. it was only such a pain to think what her parents would think of the school. not that they couldn't afford it, but they probably didn't want to risk losing their "precious little fifi." not even knowing she did so, fia snorted. "hmpf, as if i'd get myself in trouble. it's not like i'm still seven. i can't believe they still call me--urgh," she said as she suddenly bumped into someone. she glared at the girl and looked like she was about to explode. "what the hell is wrong with you?! can't you see the damn way!? watch where you're going! idiots like you should--" exactly what idiots like the person should do, the girl didn't find out, because fia's eyes widened and she ran back home, not believing what she did. she was so stupid to scream at that girl. she hadn't even done anything but suddenly bump into her. "it's stress. relax. it's over once i finish all these work."

just this april, fia turned eighteen. she swore a fresh start, and she hopes to get it. she wants a change of attitude, and no more of the short-tempered, impatient, and perfectionist fia that everyone knows so well. she wants things to change, and she wants to actually find some friends who accept her for who she is, and friends who don't give a damn whether or not she snores in her sleep. she's eighteen, and she could do almost anything she wants. and, also, her college years were arriving. different kinds of courses came to fia's mind, but none of them she really liked. "college is still a long way off. just chill. i'll know what to do when i actually get there," she had told herself many times already. "life's about adventure. it'll come to me." and with that last bit of thought, she left the house just like she usually did to relax.


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The Mayor
The Mayor

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PostSubject: Re: greene, fia m.   greene, fia m. EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 10:15 pm

i'm curious as to why she's not allowed outside, and ohmygosh poor fia must be under a lot of stress! let's hope that she can relax with her fresh start. i love her, rae rae! Smile now get to claiming!

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greene, fia m.

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